Buy, Sell, Trade

Buy, sell, tradeDon’t want to fix your phone? Just want the latest gadget? Buy. Sell. Trade up.

DANIAUNLOCK LLC has many options to get you going again. Just because you signed a service contract with your cell phone carrier doesn’t mean you have to keep a phone that you’re no longer happy with.

Let our local  Store or affiliates give you cash or trade dollars for your old or damaged phone and help you find one that you’ll love.

You have options – Buy, Sell, Trade

  • Browse our selection of expertly refurbished cell phones and find the one that fits you…and your budget.
  • Walk in with your old cell phone(s) and walk out with cash in hand.
  • If your phone is outdated, trade up. If your phone is too complicated, trade down. With our trade program, the choices are yours.

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