About Us


About Us

Daniaunlock.com provides mobile phone unlocking services for all phone models and brands. We have been in service for the last 8 years and have served tens of thousands of customers. Daniaunlock.com was created on the idea that as the real user/owner of the mobile phone, it should be the consumer’s right and choice to switch mobile carriers as they see fit. That decision could be based on mobile service cost, geography, customers’ travel needs and more.
Often times we see mobile carriers engage in predatory practices by luring customers into a contract and then milking those customers for years to come while programmatically locking the device so the consumer is left with no choice. We at Daniaunlock.com make an effort to change all of that.

Whether a customer is under contract, or has an exipred contract, for a small fee, we provide customers the ability to open up (unlock) their phones to other networks and carriers so they can make better choices for themselves.

While providing unlocking services, at Daniaunlock.com customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Should you have any questions regarding your order, or any questions prior to placing an order, please contact our support staff and we’ll be glad to assist you. If you have any comments or feedback in general, please feel free to write to us and we will respond as soon as we can.

We look forward to serving your mobile phone unlocking needs.
The Daniaunlock.com Team

Over 2 397 250 customers served since May 2010
14 010 mobile phones supported
361 remote factory unlock services available
812 GSM networks supported from 180 countries
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